This is how I did it. How I quit vaping. Two simple methods that I used everyday, for about three weeks before my cravings went away.

The first was to write down everyday that I am not going to vape today. The second was to chew nicotine gum like a mad man…

Now I know what you’re thinking, why would you chew nicotine gum if you are trying not to vape? Well, its because gum is easy to hide and not very obvious. Unlike vaping which creates large clouds of smoke, you can do it anywhere and around anyone.


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I did it. It worked! Here is why you should too, and do it now.

I was working for a transport company. My girlfriends parents are real estate agents. I decided to take some annual leave and study for my real estate license.

I got it and am now a real estate agent.

The reason I quit my 9–5 was freedom. No…not financial freedom or any of that stuff. I quit my 9–5 so that I had more of the most important asset we all have…TIME.

When you work a regular job you have to clock in and clock out…


There is a deeply rooted consensus that those who attend college will be placed in a well-paying reliable occupation. The thought process is that due to you having a degree or qualification on paper that you are knowledgeable in a particular field or topic.

This does not matter to employers (in most cases). Now if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer you will obviously need certain skill sets. Companies or hospitals for example will not hire those who haven’t passed the bar or graduated medical skill.

The people I am referring to are those with general degrees…


We have all seen those motivational videos of successful people or navy seals explaining the methods they use to wake up at 4 am. For a regular citizen such as you and I, this seems an impossible task to undertake every day.

Being someone that used to sleep in past my five alarms and feel drowsy anytime I was awake before 10 am, I have had to learn some activities I could do easily every day to help me beat my alarms.

Here are some basic preparation steps that you can do that will ensure that 5 am gym session…


If you are anything like me, you want to achieve. Achieve highly, achieve great things. Leave a solid legacy that your friends and loved ones can point to and be proud of.

If you don’t want to do this maybe this isn’t the article for you…

But if you wake up and want to have something great under your belt every day then sit back and enjoy.

Aiming low…

When we set goals in our life it is rare that most of us set them at an easily achievable level. …


Hey! James here! I am here to help you be the better version of yourself than you were yesterday...Happy Reading!

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