How to quit vaping in 2021

This is how I did it. How I quit vaping. Two simple methods that I used everyday, for about three weeks before my cravings went away.

The first was to write down everyday that I am not going to vape today. The second was to chew nicotine gum like a mad man…

Now I know what you’re thinking, why would you chew nicotine gum if you are trying not to vape? Well, its because gum is easy to hide and not very obvious. Unlike vaping which creates large clouds of smoke, you can do it anywhere and around anyone.

Gum is an easy and cheap solution to smoking cigarettes' or vaping. Discrete and convenient chewing gum allows me to curb my nicotine cravings almost entirely. I use it at work, at home, at friends houses etc etc..

Chewing gum to receive your nicotine is an excellent way to quit nicotine. It is absorbed through the skin in the mouth and onto the brain. Along with it being cheaper than vaping it also allows the user to taper off nicotine in a smooth and easy fashion.

I would highly recommend this method, as it has worked for me and has worked for many of my highly addicted friends.

Now why do I write down that I am not going to vape today? This part of the quitting process is perhaps more important than the process of chewing and parking the nicotine gum. It is a promise I make to myself every, single, day.

In the process of writing down this sentence I ensure that I am not going to break the promise to myself every time I get that terrible craving. If you can make a promise to yourself then you keep a promise. It helps to write down the promise to yourself as it is binding and should not be broken.

If you practice these two strategies they will ensure that you can make the quitting process much easier. With still providing your body with a smaller amount of nicotine and the mental note of the promise to yourself, you will smash the quitting process just like I did!

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Hey! James here! I am here to help you be the better version of yourself than you were yesterday...Happy Reading!

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